Five Fingers

Five Fingers, sometimes called the Port of Deceit, is the Ordic city across the delta where the Dragon’s Tongue River empties into the Bay of Stone. The “fingers” of the city’s name are the five channels that the coursing waters have carved between the islands clustered at the river’s mouth. The south shore of the river is Cygnaran territory.

Five Fingers is ostensibly ruled by the Lord Governor Eilish Doyle, but real power in the streets is held by the city’s four major crime lords called the High Captains.


Bellicose Island*
Squall Island
Three Maidens
Headmost Island
Blackstone Island
Doleth Island*
Chaser Island*
Bellow’s Isle (and the Hump)
Captain’s Isle*
Porpoise Isles
Drowned Isle
Hospice Island*
Crane Island
Crabbeggar’s Island
Anchor’s Isle
Wake Isles
*Major island.

Five Fingers

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